Here are some of the frequently asked questions that we get. For questions specific to wedding displays, please visit our wedding packages page.

In order to purchase and use Family/Consumer fireworks in Canada one must be 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OVER and use them according to instructions, at safe distances, outdoors, properly set up for firing and according to all local by-laws.

Follow your local and provincial / territorial laws regarding the purchase, possession and use of family fireworks - Some municipalities restrict sale to certain times of the year while others prohibit the use of family fireworks altogether or do not allow the sale of certain types of family fireworks.

The best way to get information on the regulations in your municipality is to call your local fire department.

Up to 75 kg may be transported in a private passenger vehicle. Do not transport fireworks in the passenger compartment of a vehicle. Always put them in the trunk. In the absence of a trunk (eg. Van or truck), transport fireworks in a non-sparking container with a lid. Do not smoke while loading, transporting or unloading fireworks.

Canadian federal law permits the storage of 10 kg or less of fireworks in a dwelling or a place attached to a dwelling (e.g. a garage) as long as: a) the fireworks are kept in a dry place, away from any source of heat and any substance that could cause ignition, and… b) the fireworks are kept inaccessible to anyone under 18 years of age.

Some cities such as Winnipeg require a permit for displays within the city limits. Permits can usually be obtained at no cost from any local Fire Paramedic Station, if you meet the requirements outlined by the city. Check with your local authorities on whether any permits are required for your area.

No, Firecrackers and Bottle Rockets have been restricted for use in Canada since the early 1970s because they are dangerous! We would be more than happy to suggest some legal alternatives that should achieve for you the desired effect.

To become licensed to shoot display fireworks in Canada you must successfully complete the Display Fireworks Safety and Legal Awareness Course. This one-day training course is a companion to the Display Fireworks Manual, and serves to promote the safe use of display fireworks as functioned at outdoor fireworks displays. Upon successful completion of the course you must then pursue hands-on training under the supervision of a federally licensed display supervisor. Visit the Display Fireworks and Pyrotechnics Safety and Legal Awareness Course section of our webstore for upcoming courses in Manitoba and British Columbia.

Flying Lanterns? Yes, we sell authentic, hand crafted, Chinese lanterns. They come in an array of colours! Extra Fuse? We understand the want - to string fireworks together. But that requires you to be federally licensed, and so we don’t supply to the general public. However, we supply family friendly Firing Systems that will do just the same for you – with the added benefit of enhanced safety! Coloured Smoke? Absolutely! We carry Enola Gaye Smoke Grenades. All. Year. Long. These create the perfect cover for airsoft and paintball matches! But we also sell plenty for use in photography and special effects for Film and television.

If you are shooting fireworks in the city you need permission from the property owner and a permit from the Fire Department.

Let’s be clear - Fireworks explode, and sometimes when and where they are not supposed to. Don’t hold them in your hands / mouth. Sparklers are the only firework item which you should ever hold with your bare hands.

  1. Never take fireworks apart or modify them in any way.
  2. Keep fireworks in a closed box. Remove one at a time and close the lid at once.
  3. Do not leave fireworks unattended or close to lighting area.
  4. Be familiar with your fireworks before starting the display. Pay particular attention to the location of the wick and always follow the directions on the packaging.
  5. Keep everyone back at least 40 feet for smaller ground effects - 150 feet (over 30 metres) minimum for aerial effects.
  6. Most fireworks are designed to be planted at least one-third of their entire length in a bucket of soil or sand and tilted slightly away from the audience.
  7. Never lean over your fireworks – either lighting them, or after they’ve been lit.
  8. HIGH-WIND will affect the quality of your display and may create a hazard.
  9. Be sure the firing area has lots of open space.
  10. Using a flash light, ignite each firework at arms-length and immediately stand back.
  11. Have a large bucket of WATER or a water hose available. Hose down all debris after your display is finished.
  12. People lighting the display should wear ear and eye protection.
  13. Please be kind - keep all PETS SAFELY INDOORS.
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