Bubble / Snow Machine

Who said bubbles are only for kids? The Bubble Master Bubble Machine is a necessity for keeping your party going all night long. Looking to stage your own winter wonderland? The Silent Storm Snow Machine is your answer!

Archangel Fireworks is proud to provide high quality bubble and snow machine rentals that are both reliable and fun!

Deposits are paid upon pickup of rental items. Day rates and fees for launchers and fluids are paid upon return of the rental items, adjusted out from the deposit fee.

$150.00/ per day

Bubble Master Bubble Machines

Create a magical world of bubbles for school dances, night clubs, children’s parties, weddings, fashion shows, film and theatrical productions with the easy-to-use line of Bubble Master Bubble Machines. Bubble Master create high-output machines with large reservoirs to ensure you are surrounded by bubbles all night long.

We stock Supreme Ultra-Dry Formula bubble solution.

  • $250.00 damage deposit
  • $150.00 day rate
  • $450.00 flat week rate per launcher
  • $35.00 per litre of dry bubble solution
$150.00/ per day

Silent Storm Snow Machines

This unique machine is capable of creating a serene, slow falling snow. Or a raging blizzard. Indoors or out.

They are best hung in truss but can be angled upwards from ground level as well. With a remote attachment for ease of use, the machines plug into any regular AC wall outlet.

Commonly seen on sets in the film and theatre industry, we also rent snow machines for weddings, fashion shows, and club nights. We stock a non-slippery snow solution that can be purchased in half or full-bottle amounts.

  • $250.00
  • $150.00
  • $450.00 flat week rate per launcher
  • $75.00 per bottle of dry snow solution or $50.00 per half-bottle