Streamers & Confetti Machine Rentals in Winnipeg

Archangel Fireworks has confetti machines ranging from a single hand held blast of customizable coloured confetti and streamers to our largest machine, capable of covering a massive space with a continuous flow. We stock a wide selection of streamers and confetti in many different colours and styles, from UV reactive tissue to environmentally friendly rice paper confetti, shiny slow fall metallic rectangles and everything in between. If you are looking for confetti machine rentals in Winnipeg, reach out to us today!

A sleeve price varies on the type of confetti or streamer. On average, anywhere from $5.00 to $15.00. One sleeve is good for one launcher, but a sleeve and a half fills it to the top, for the best shot.

Deposits are paid upon pick up of rental items. Day rates and fees for confetti and fluids are paid upon return of the rental items, adjusted out from the deposit fee.

$25.00/ per day

Our hand-held confetti launchers are extremely easy to use, requiring only three simple steps: load, charge & fire! These simple machines allow you to create a single blast of confetti or streamers propelled by a small 16 gram C02 cartridge.

These units are very popular at weddings, grand openings, corporate events, and for use with DJs and production companies.

  • $75.00 damage deposit
  • $25.00 day rate per launcher
  • $75.00 flat week rate per launcher
  • CO2 cost $4.40 per
$150.00/ per day

Confetti Max

The Confetti Max creates a continuous flow of confetti and will fire as fast as you can load, so fire away! Alternately, you can fire a single blast by feeding confetti one handful at a time.

Our customers have used this machine to launch blasts of confetti, streamers, and even feathers! This machine requires access to a standard AC wall outlet.

  • $250.00 damage deposit
  • $150.00 day rate
  • $450.00 flat week rate per launcher
$175.00/ per day

The Big Blower

Our big blower is the largest of our confetti machines, creating a continuous flow as fast as you can load the hopper. Our customers have used it to launch everything from confetti and streamers to rose petals, fake snow - even dollar bills!

It requires a large C02 canister which can be bought or rented from anywhere supplying industrial gasses.

  • $500.00 damage deposit
  • $175.00 day rate
  • $525.00 flat week rate per launcher
$175.00/ per day

The “Scuba” System

The custom-built confetti system can be used as a 2-piece or 4-piece system. Each set of three launchers is attached to its own compressed air tank and is fired by a wired master control board. They can be hung from truss or rolled into place to create a single blast from each launcher - up to a total of 12 at once!

Because of the complexity of this system it is not available as a rental but only as a service to individuals who have training with this type of system. **Air compressor not included**

  • $500.00 damage deposit
  • $175.00 day rate

Archangel Fireworks technicians can also be contracted to operate the unit for you at your event for a fee of $250 per day plus travel if required.

  • $175 for 2 heads per day
  • $250 for 4 heads per day
  • $525 for 2 heads per week
  • $750 for 4 heads per week

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