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Weddings & Special Events

Special events like evening weddings, or other types of parties and receptions can be given tasteful treatment with right effects that are guaranteed to give your big day a perfectly magical finish! At Archangel Fireworks, we are always eager to take on these requests, ensuring that each experience we design is as unique and breathtaking as the last.

Count on us to make it an occasion to remember!

Important: There are a wide range of effects we can employ for your wedding day, both inside and out, depending on the venue and budget. Consult with our team today, to learn from our expertise and discuss some ideas that will bring your vision to life. Contact us, and let’s make a plan together.


We offer rentals for all types of events. Whether it be confetti, bubble machines, fog machines, or our new Sparkular, we’re sure to have what you need to add that WOW factor to your event!


If your event embodies an overarching mood or theme, we can support it with a custom multimedia and multisensory display of explosive passion and musical theatricality.

Whether dark, inspiring, or triumphant, we have a proven-and-decorated record of pairing thoughtful fireworks displays with complimentary soundtracks that enthrall audiences worldwide. With a decorated history of producing such displays, we feel that our reputation speaks for itself.

Firework Displays

When you come to us, the sky is not the limit. In fact, we will paint it any colour you like with a breathtakingly unique pyrotechnics display that your audiences won’t soon forget.

We have the qualified talent and the creative vision to define your event with a visual display that leaves crowds’ hearts pounding - their eyes scarcely believing what they have witnessed. But we can also tastefully approach smaller, more subtle requirements that demand more atmosphere than drama.

Let us know your needs, and we will bring our renowned flair to your live event.

Close Proximity Pyrotechnics

When a live event or performance calls for an up-close-and-personal approach to pyrotechnic effects, there are no teams in the world better equipped to deliver than our teams of qualified and licensed pyrotechnicians. Many of the tools of the trade that we regularly use – commonly called theatrical special effects - are specifically designed for venues that don’t have the space for a traditional fireworks display.

Safety & Awareness Course

If you’re going to study to be a federally-licensed pyrotechnician, you may as well learn from the best. Not content to settle for industry-standard qualifications, we pride ourselves in offering a superior level of pyrotechnics training.

With an experiential approach to instructional and hands-on learning, our trainees enjoy an enhanced understanding of fireworks safety procedures and learn to protect both themselves and their future audiences from mishap due to miscalculation or oversight.