Close Proximity Pyrotechnics

When we get called on to produce and manage this very specific type of pyrotechnic request, we do so with the safety of attendees, other performers, and our own team members first and foremost in mind. There is no room for chance or guess-work. Absolutely everything must be executed to the letter.

Our pyrotechnicians are surpassed by none in terms of the product knowledge, venue assessment, deployment techniques, and safety requirements that go into such displays. We pride ourselves on our incident-free record, but also our ability to bring the most appropriate effects and the biggest punch possible within the strictest safety allowances that are unique to every venue. We regularly are called upon to deploy these displays for countless types of events and venues, including the following: 

  • Indoor and outdoor parties
  • Theatres
  • Night clubs
  • Banquet halls
  • Conference centres
  • Sporting events
  • Rock concerts and festivals
  • Political rallies
  • Pretty much anywhere!

Be it a touring rock’n’roll band, a dj set, a sporting event, or a theatrical stage performance or musical production, our teams have the equipment and expertise to bring added flair to your event with regard for the safety of everyone involved.


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