Safety & Awareness Course

The law states that in order to do more than simply carry fireworks, you must first intern with a company that offers the minimum regulation training standard.

The law says lots of things, but frankly we don’t feel that it goes far enough! As much fun as we like to have with our fireworks, we have a high-level of respect for what they can do, and understand that the rules and protocols we endorse exist for a reason. That’s why we pride ourselves in supporting our own standard when it comes to training, and see our customers leave with a higher degree of knowledge and competency when it comes to safely handling and firing pyrotechnics.

A regulatory body of the government used to teach these federally mandated courses. They were thorough, but they were taught from the book, and lacked the kind of situational teaching that comes only with extensive experience from seasoned pros. By taking certification back to the industry, enrollees appreciate the real-world approach that our instructors bring in helping them troubleshoot, and understand why things are done a certain way.

 We run two different types of training courses at Archangel Fireworks:

  1. Close-Proximity Pyrotechnics
  2. Display Fireworks

Are you interested in learning fireworks and pyrotechnics from the best in the business? Please contact us directly to discuss cost-per-person, and we will find a date that works for you.


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