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Did you know you could leave reviews on products.

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  • By Mathieu
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Did you know you could leave reviews on products.

Why bother leaving a review? Read to find out more.

Don’t take our word for it, trust other customer’s experiences.  We love that our customers come to us because they trust the service and products they receive at Archangel Fireworks, but when it comes to product suggestions, we can be biased.  We know what we like, but what do you like? Word of mouth from other customers is just as important as our opinions.


    • Leaving a Review helps others make the right decision

Our product pages come with descriptions and videos, but those can not beat firsthand experiences.  How was the colour? Were the breaks clean? Was it louder than you expected?  Was it easy to use?  These are the kinds of information that help others make informed decisions about the products they choose to get the show they wanted.


    • Leaving a Review helps us decide what to carry

By leaving reviews, we get an idea of what people like and do not like.  With enough reviews, we start to get an idea of what we should be carrying more of, what to continue carrying and what to stop carrying.  We even get a feel for what customers might like for new products.  Have a say in what we carry at Archangel Fireworks.


    • How to leave a Review

At the bottom of each product page, there are 2 tabs.  One is called “Video & Description” and the other is “Review”.  To leave a review, click review and then click add review.

We want you to be honest about what you thought about an item.  If you thought it was terrible, say so- but say why!  Everyone has different tastes.  Maybe you did not like it, but someone else might.  Your comments will help others make the right choices.

We want you to be honest but be respectful.  There is no need for vulgarity or meanness.


Pictures and videos are just as good as reviews.  If you have some great shots of your show, or even clips that really show off the products, feel free to share and tag us on Facebook and Instagram.  But remember, make sure the content is clean and being used safelyArchangel Fireworks does not condone unsafe firework use.


When your ready for your next purchase, after checking out our growing number of reviews, contact our expert staff at 104 Pembina Hwy, 204-943-3332 ext1 or at [email protected] to have us help you build you show!!



Be knowledgeable, be safe and have fun!!



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