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What is a Pyromusical?

A Pyromusical is not simply a traditional fireworks show over music.  It is the fusion of two creative mediums; both of which are equally important to produce these awe-inspiring performances.  Music and fireworks are chosen to complement each other and work in harmony; each echoing the subtle changes and flow found in the other.  Our team is comprised of internationally respected show designers and skilled technicians. These are true artistic performances, highly praised for their creativity, ingenuity and beauty. Our designers excel at filling the night sky and overwhelming the senses with sound and color, grabbing hold of the audience as the show grows and falls in intensity; what better way to end an evening. 

If your event embodies an overarching mood or theme, we can support it with a custom multimedia and multisensory display of explosive passion and musical theatricality.

Whether dark, inspiring, or triumphant, we have a proven-and-decorated record of pairing thoughtful fireworks displays with complimentary soundtracks that enthrall audiences worldwide. With a decorated history of producing such displays, we feel that our reputation speaks for itself.

We admit that when it comes to the careful coordination of explosive light and sound for riveting pyromusical displays, we get a bit excited. From the selection of the right fireworks to finding the perfect soundtrack, these events are where our expertise truly shines.

Not content to stick to past creative approaches, we are always trying to push the envelope, to try new things, and to dare audiences to look away, leaving them with the memory of a dramatic and moving experience that is incomparably unique.

Some of our more noteworthy pyromusical displays have included the following: 

We are always proud to deliver for our valued sponsors in sparing no expense when we are invited to be the champions of their prestigious events. Talk to us today and allow our team’s creative spark to ignite your spectacle with an over-the-top finish. 



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