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Fog Effects

From low lying or space filling; from your front porch, to music videos, weddings or concerts, we got all the fog you'll ever need.



This fog machine is excellent for creating a full room fog, popular for dances, night clubs and theatrical use. Standard 110V AC power. Remote controlled.

$100.00/day • $300.00/wk • $250.00 deposit

*Requires ultratec™ Party Fog Fluid - Full tank included with rental. 


This fog machine uses dry ice to create a dramatic low lying fog that creeps along the ground. This machine is primarily intended for indoor use since a slight breeze can disrupt the impact of this impressive effect. Standard 110V AC power.  

$75.00/day • $225.00/wk • $250.00 deposit

*Requires dry ice - Available here.

Watch the Pea Souper in action!


The ice Jet II is an atmospheric effect using CO2 to create dense white plumes resembling fog. Standard 110V AC power. Remote or DMX controlled.

$125.00/day • $375.00/wk • $250.00 deposit

*Requires liquid CO2 (siphon tank) - Available here.