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About us


Archangel Fireworks Inc., affectionately known as AFI to its staff and crew, was established in 1988 as a consumer fireworks distribution company. Since then, AFI has expanded to include: professionally shot displays shows, wholesale and shipped displays, and the distribution of consumer fireworks via the web. AFI employs four full time staff members as well as sixty technicians and apprentices throughout the year to provide support for our offered services. Over the past 24 years, AFI has cornered the Winnipeg, surrounding area and Northern Ontario markets for display fireworks. Most recently we have expanded our operations to include British Columbia and the surrounding areas. AFI strives to be a cut above the competition by pushing the envelope with each display and service offered by our team. We add a “WOW FACTOR” to each and every event we participate in whether it be a family BBQ or a full scale pyromusical display for a Centennial event.

AFI is a young, dynamic company driven to excel through creative concepts and “outside the box” ideas. AFI is never afraid to try something new and stands behind the results. The youth of the staff shines specifically through the soundtracks chosen for the pyromusical events. The Vancouver media in 2008 stated what Kelly was trying to do by telling a story without words and only using fireworks to create scenic elements in the sky simply could not be done. Upon completion of the display, the tone of the critics has changed after Godzilla had risen from the deep and was fought by the world, all without a single word being uttered in the soundtrack. Striving to pull emotion from the audience rather than simple enjoyment is what sets AFI apart from its competitors.

In 2007 & 2008 Archangel Fireworks represented Canada at the HSBC Celebration of Light which is held in Vancouver, British Columbia and took home top honors both years for their displays entitled "Take Five to Jive" featuring big band and swing music in 2007 and "Attack" telling the tale of a monsterous attack on Vancouver in 2008. 

In 2009 Archangel took part in two international fireworks competitions, the HSBC Celebration of Light in Vancouver, British Columbia and Les Grands Feux Loto-Québec at Montmorancy Falls in Québec City, Québec.  Unfortunately this year Team China took home top honours in Vancouver but Archangel Fireworks took home the top prize in Québec this year beating out teams from South Africa, U.K., Italy and Spain.  AFI also competed in the first annual "Living Skies - Come Alive" Fireworks competition in Moosomin Saskatchewan and took home first place.  

In 2010 Archangel defended their title at Les Grands Feux Loto-Quebec in Quebec city and took home top honours at a National competition in Sherbrooke Quebec at La Fete du Lac des Nations.
2011 saw a return to Vancouver for the Celebration of Light and a return to Sherbrooke Quebec to compete once again!

Our Store

In 2004, Archangel Fireworks Inc. opened the doors of a new centrally located facility at 104 Pembina Highway in Winnipeg, Manitoba which serves as a year round retail outlet for family fireworks. 

Our Fireworks

Archangel boasts a diverse line of family fireworks all of which are handpicked for quality. We are constantly tweaking our line to only include the best of what’s available in the Canadian fireworks industry. When new items are added to the line they must pass an evaluation by the staff who are all federally licensed fireworks supervisors (and also very picky!).  “If we wouldn’t want to shoot it then we won’t carry it”  - Which means that we stand behind everything we carry.

Our People

Our staff live, eat, breath and sleep fireworks (well, we don’t get much sleep sometimes).  All of Archangel Fireworks full time staff are federally licensed display fireworks technicians and Pyrotechnicians.  This means that we do fireworks for a living!  And there is no substitute for experience.  We are always ready and willing to answer any questions related to fireworks safety, firing and choreography.  We can walk you through your display from choosing product all the way through to spectacular finale. Our techs can be reached via email at [email protected] or toll free at  888-868-9329.