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Fireworks Fun: Safety Before the Show!

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  • By Kimeisha Simpson
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Fireworks Fun: Safety Before the Show!

Get Ready for a Dazzling Show with a Safety Glow!

Let's delve into the essential aspects of using, setting up, and ensuring safety during your firework display. Specifically focusing on consumer fireworks, here are some key points to keep in mind.


Secure Your Fireworks


One universal rule for all fireworks is to ensure they are properly secured for safety. Common safety instructions often advise burying fireworks halfway in sand. While this method works well for some, it may not be feasible for others. So, what do you do if burying isn't an option, or if the fuse is located below the midpoint?


The primary objective is to prevent fireworks from rocking or tipping over during ignition. While burying is a straightforward approach that can apply to all types of fireworks, there are alternative methods for securing different items, which we'll discuss in upcoming lessons.


Protect the Tops


When it comes to the tops of fireworks, they can be vulnerable. Fireworks can burst through the paper or plastic on top, although removing the paper can reduce waste. However, if there's condensation, light rain, or moisture concerns, it's crucial to keep the paper tops on your fireworks. Keeping them dry is essential for their proper functioning.


Firing Precautions


Before you start your show, it's vital to keep your fuses as dry as possible. Wet fuses may not ignite properly. Additionally, make sure to expose all your fuses before the show begins. Once the fireworks start, you don't want to be fumbling with tape to access the fuse.


While firing, avoid being on your hands and knees trying to light fireworks. This compromises your reaction time in case of any mishaps. The best practice is to light, take 2-3 steps back, and then wait for the firework to finish before approaching again.


When it comes to lighting, consider using a torch, flare, butane lighter, or similar tools. These options provide a hot and quick-burning flame, allowing you to keep your face as far from the firework as possible.


Safety Gear and Extinguisher


Always remember to have a fire extinguisher and the necessary safety gear on hand. Safety goggles, ear protection, work gloves, and non-flammable clothing are all crucial for your protection.


Never Hold Fireworks


Finally, and most importantly, never, under any circumstances, light a firework while holding it. This point cannot be emphasized enough. Holding fireworks poses significant risks and should always be avoided.


Stay tuned for more lessons on firework safety and best practices. Your safety and the enjoyment of your firework display are our top priorities.


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